Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm taking a brief break from packing up the old place to show you a little bit of the new place. We've descended on it with paint brush and can, so I can't wait to take pictures of when we have all of our ducks in a row.

Despite the stoicism, I am quite pumped for this move. Scarf: thrifted. Skirt: Mayan Connection. Tights: Target. Shoes: Miz Mooz. Shirt: Macy's. Moto Jacket: A kiosk in Amsterdam.

On of my favorite features is this fireplace... it's gas and could work if we find the right kind of insert for it. There's an architectural salvage in town that boasts many a tempting, antique solution.

Til then, I thought I'd sit in it and take one of those bloggy "look, I can fit in here" photos.

Taking a peek up Santa's skirt.

Our 72-year old neighbor told us that her mother and aunt built this house, as well as several others on the street in the 1920's. One of my favorite things about the house are all of the old, glass doorknobs with the little keyholes... and antique keys that still fit the lock and work. This particular door is to my closet...

...which, while low on hanging-bar space, is actually quite huge and made up of great big steps that lead up to the attic. There may be an Elfa in my future. Oh, perchance to dream!!

Well, back to my boxes and newsprinty fingers. I had a moment where I opened the silverware drawer for a fork today and surprised myself by finding it empty.




Anonymous said...

Ooooh, nice! I've lived in two 1920's era places (my old apt.) and I find the style really versatile to work with. Can't wait to see it with paint!

Sal said...

It looks fantastic in every way. The fireplace especially - I do hope you find an insert for it!

Amber said...

Your place looks beautfiul!! I can't wait to see more pictures of it. I'm in the process of moving but your house is far better than ours. And those heels are wonderful!

The Waves said...

Oh looks like your new home is a dream! Love the fireplace!

Elissa said...

Thanks everybody! Amber, I'm sure your place is terrific! After all, YOU'RE in it, aren't you??? ;)