Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Long time, no blog.

I may be (and have been) a bit sporadic this week... there are endless things to pack and un-pack, strip and then paint, wash and dry.

This past weekend was my bachelorette party and it was a blast! Here are some pictures for you to digest, all of them courtesy of the lovely Wanda Petunia because I was too distracted to bring my own camera. Doh! Ah well, we had a lovely set of distractions before us. First, a bit of horseback riding...

We ran into some deer and wild turkeys.

Here the lovely Kim enjoys the pause while her horse gets really really real.

Here I am in an inadvertent outfit capture, feeling very "dude" like.

Sweater: TJMaxx. Jeans: Citizens of Humanity. Tank: Insight. Scarf: Thrifted.

Later, we trolled around town to try to find a spot where our cellphones had reception to find our missing friends to no avail... so we stopped at Family Dollar for some hats...

And a couple of accessories with which to creep up on the lass who stayed behind in the cabin while we went out on horses...

Afterwards, the girls put together a Mexican feast with the best ever guacamole and wine, wine, and margaritas.

Me pulling the old "See-food" trick. On the far left, the girl responsible for the amazing guac, the lovely blonde in the center is the one who put it all together, and the brunette lass is the one who made my fajitas so delightfully steaky.

Afterwards, our margaritas joined us in the hot tub, and things just generally fell apart from there. And by that, I mean that we shared turns reading passages from Robinson Crusoe and fell straight to sleep. Yep! It was a great time, and I feel really lucky to know each one of the girls who joined me-- and the ones who couldn't, but tried and got lost. Poor girls!

Well, back to my painting, packing and washing... I've got 25 days of singledom yet ahead of me.




Sal said...

That sounds like the most perfect bachelorette party EVER!

Eyeliah said...

And the counting down begins.....