Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Takin' it Caj

Today's outfit solicited a compliment from not 1 but 2 mens, a rarity I'm sure in any girl's world. My fiance thinks that this is what I ought to be wearing to interviews, because the color and fit of the jeans gives them a more formal air. However, I still firmly believe that jeans at an interview will get you a swift "we'll call you". What do you think??

Blazer: thrifted. Shirt: F21. Jeans: Cheap Monday. Oxfords: thrifted.

The next few days are going to be filled with wedding-craft doing. I'm wrapping some pens with silver thread and topping them with white feathers (sounds a lot more Girl Scouts than it looks!), then it's on to creating the guest favors. Pictures to follow, I swear, but I don't want to spoil it... Speaking of "spoiling" and weddings, I've been thinking about what to do on here for the two weeks we'll be gone on the honeymoon-- we're going on a drive up the Pacific Coast!

Orange is my favorite color, and I love these earrings from World Market, esp. in concert with blue and khaki.

In other words, I want very much to not let the blogging go dry, but the thought of constantly tweeting and uploading photos throughout the trip seems neurotic to me. But I do want to prepare something special for all of you...

The shoes, oh, the shoes.... thrifted. I love anything woven and leather, and especially with cute little ties! Ivory to me seems very fresh for fall right now, as well.

I'm in love with "Secrets of a Happy Marriage" series that guest writers did for Cup of Jo while writer Joanna was off on her honeymoon. We'll see! We'll see... I've got a couple of ideas on the burners here.



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Sal said...

Those shoes are deeeeelightful.