Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tying up loose ends.

Today, I paid the caterer. I think there are traces of my tight-fisted tears on the check. Le sigh!!! It is a good feeling, though, to see things become solidified and know that The Guests Will Be Fed. I also got my dress back today from the alterations place and I am pleased as pie... this lady knows what she's doing and my dress looks 1,000 times better. After poisoning myself with countless episodes of Say Yes To The Dress, I had become convinced that I hadn't picked "the One" and having bought my dress without input from friends and family meant I didn't have the adoring eyes of a mother or sister to confirm my opinions on the dress. Whatever.

I put it on today and was re-sold on it. That's what great alterations can do!

Lately, I've been enjoying taking photos of the trees around town. Usually I find that fall colors look better on trees than on me (seeing as I'm rather religious about sticking to my "season", which is summer). Today, I've worked a little maple red and gold into my ensemble...

Just as I snapped this picture, UPS dropped off a couple of gifts mailed to us from our online registry with Amazon. I highly recommend it; you can pick from any store at all online. Peacoat: Macy's. Blouse: thrifted. Jeans: The Gap. Shoes: Pink Duchess. Socks: my dad?

I love wide-legged jeans with cropped jackets. And, pairing wide-legged jeans with a platform, sparkly shoe gives me that special feeling of starting up school... when your jeans are dark and your shoes are fancy, exciting things are afoot for sure.

I love these shoes... I stopped off at a Gabriel Brothers for the first time ever a couple of months ago and scored these beuts for $9.99.

I love this blouse's drapey neckline. It can be difficult to rock an unusual neckline when you're working with a larger chest, so this blouse of mine is a valuable find!

With everything pretty much ready to go, now I've gone into overanalyzation mode and feel the desperate urge to ransack every antique store for sapphire-blue rhinestone jewelry...

Three more days...!




Lauren said...

those shoes are amazing, what brand are they??


Charlie said...

Looks like everything is getting finalised! sounds exciting :) Those shoes are amazing!

Elissa said...

Hi Lauren,

The shoes are the Pink Duchess brand... I found them at Gabriel Brothers so they might be an off-season style. I know that I've seen that brand of shoes carried on Good luck!

Charlie: Thank you!!

Sal said...

WHEW! Those gold shoes are such a score! And congrats on getting the wedding stuff paid down - hard to part with the dough, I'm sure, but such a relief all the same.

You'll post photos of your dress someday, ya?

Elaine said...

Love the jacket and your jeans! And of course...those gold peep-toe booties!!!

Elissa said...

Sal: oh for SHIZ.. if this blog were a movie starring Daniel Day Lewis, it would be called There Will Be Pictures.

The Waves said...

OMG those shoes were 9.99? That is insane! They are perfect!

I am really getting into wide-legged jeans - yours look great.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Amazing shoes.

Elissa said...

Thanks, ladies!!

The Waves: I'm sure you could carry them off much better than me! You've got those great, long legs!

Caroline said...

Those shoes are the shit. That's all.