Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coming along.

I'm going to tell you now that the wedding business is a racket! Here I am at David's Bridal where I indeed bought my dress, absorbing the news that they would like $99 to take it up an inch, while wearing a culotted frock that I ironically (?) took up myself with a pair of scissors for free.

I don't think so. Blazer: thrifted. Dress: thrifted. Tights: Target. Shoes: Steve Madden.

Reason #547 to get acquainted with a smart seamstress in your neighborhood (and to have an Internet-capable phone). As soon as I heard the news I thought, "Oh, honey, no" and whipped out my phone, looked up the alterations lady down the street and gave her a call. $35. Now, there ya go. Also, in the unlikely event in this case that I'll get what I pay for, let's face it. She's working on the bottom of the dress, which no one will ever look at. Well, now they might now that they've read this. Yipe!

And now, by popular demand, a couple of pictures of the new place as it's coming together. We painted the living room a kind of retro green color -- it's Dutch Boy paint, which I love because it has a handy twist-on cap and pour spout and usually covers in 1 coat. The color is "Green River". I think it fits the period of the house well, and complements both the orange in the chair, and the orangey cast of the brick and woodwork in the room.

The dining room, which you can see in the background is painted a light, putty gray called "Versailles", and is still a work in progress, but will contain wood, chrome and crystal elements with some yellow for good measure.

And here, another snack of a view... we love how the teal couch and matching chair work with the paint as well... that the Godzilla monster happens to fit the scheme as well is just an added bonus.

20 more days til the Big To-Do...




WOW said...

WOW Amazing!

megan said...

great looking outfit, great looking house!


Elissa said...

Thanks all!

Eyeliah said...

That house is coming together nicely, well done. :) Your right people may now look t the hem, lol! It will turn out fine.

The Waves said...

That green is almost exactly the same green that I had in my old bedroom! The house looks really beautiful. :)