Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Irregular Bites.

Last night I caught "Reality Bites" on TV and, a) wondered why Janeane was always stuck playing the gawky, ugly one (maybe cuz she believed it? Sometimes I think "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" is actually semi biographical) and b) began to love her bad Nineties vintage wardrobe-- especially those chunky shoes.

That's our girl... third from the left. Are you telling me she wouldn't be perfectly in sync on Wardrobe Remix?

This spurred me on to a visit to the lay person's Giuseppe Zanotti (and then some), Irregular Choice. Lord, get me a job, so I can give these beautiful damn shoes a loving home.
I love unusual heels, and I think you'll begin to see a pattern here. These are unique enough to be different, but in a reserved enough hue to be versatile. I love the paper-bag top and the seemingly tiny toe.

In the perfect shade of bubble-gum pink, and patent, too. These seem like one of those wild-card "musts" that you're grateful you own when you pull them out to wear every six months--- for the next 20 years.

True fact: I spent a short stint working as a beer-maid at the Hofbrauhaus, smocked peasant top and knee-highs included. If only these were part of the uniform... all that's missing is a lonely goat-herd.

Lady Gaga came to mind when I saw these works of architecture. Like there isn't an occasion to wear these? How about every occasion??? Or howabout just a short trench coat and some mean-ass sunglasses?
Ok, Danny Sullivan, STFU. These are like sartorial magic. It's like if fire and a tranny went toe-to-toe in the ring. Tee-kay-oh.
Again, with the heels, I know. This one reminds me of a teetering stack of books, and I feel that librarian-esque garb --sweater, tortoiseshell glasses, tweed skirt-- would be absolutely apropos.
Why the hell did I pick these? Why can't I stop staring at them? They're so disturbingly stultifying, and yet... there are some things in life that I look at and think, "These are for Rumi, and Rumi only." Girl, get these. Wear them with denim shorts and a fur jacket. Can't fail.

As if these lovely cantilevers were made just for me. I'd put them under a bell jar and just stare at them all day, then get my Ginger Rogers on in 'em at night.

Irregularly yours,



Sal said...

I dunno, lady. I feel like I might be able to rock those Rumi shoes ...

Eyeliah said...

those pink patents are super cute - i'd be on those. I won the Truth About Cats and Dogs, lol. I quite like JG but she is def was always in that role of the less pretty friend.

Caroline said...

Oh, Reality Bites! You're right...she rocks that outfit. I, of course, love her short bangs in that movie.

I'm slobbering all over myself over these shoes you've posted. I'm especially in shoe-love over the pink oxfords. Serious swoon.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

She would rock w_remix. I love chunky shoes.

megan said...

oh, pink oxfords. i must have them!

megan http://MALLRATCOUTURE.blogspot.com

Elissa said...

Sal-- WHere is my head??? I can definitely see you in these as well, with a magenta sheath dress and one of those great scarves of yours!!

Thanks all for your comments!

The Waves said...

Oh the pink oxfords. Oh Reality Bites. Oh the days when I had a huge crush on Ethan Hawke.