Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mad Mental about Hermes.

If you've been watching Mad Men, then you know that a couple of weeks ago, Peggy received an Hermes scarf from a rival employer courting her copyrighting with couture. I was reminded that I wanted to do a little post on their Spring 2010 show, but it was so springy as to be obscenely unseasonal. But, like Peggy, I do what I want.

I have an extreme sweet spot for tennis-inspired clothing, and this collection has me hanging on every thread.

It doesn't get much more classically tennis than this. I'm still not sick of socks and sandals, and now I have a new item for my "want" list-- a sweatband. I'm curious to know what'll pop up if I Google "sexy sweatband".

Perfect, especially if you tend to arrive to your early-morning, mist-covered tennis lessons on the back of a white stallion.

Sassy, edgy and very wearable. But aren't aviators a bit done? Just sayinz all...

I loved the burnished red Gaultier used throughout, a nice departure from the now de rigeur, high chroma red.

Get a load of the color and quality of that leather. If only we could all pull of leather shorts! How cool is this, though? Thrown on and rather reminiscent of a sexier version of a leisure suit.

Of course I love this, in a certain aspect it reminds me of what I wore in high school: gigantic men's Izod sweaters, mini skirts (my favorite had a French news-print on it) and knee-high boots. I think this look is definitely worth another turn.

This Stevie Nicks-ish look, the only real departure in the whole collection wins with me as well, because of the leather visor-- hello! and the sports bra. I can very well imagine doing a bit of poolside lounging in my matchy skirt and bikini top, only to throw on an armful of bracelets and a dip-dyed chiffon robe for a languid, sunset dinner.

If you're an austere, classic beauty and you know it, clap your hands! If I looked like Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy, I'd wear this every damn day.

I love it. Reminds me of boxing, except with a bit of--- I'll coin a term here --- flappervescence.

And here we arrive in full blown Halston territory, salted with a little YSL. Simple, simple simple, and gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Hot damn, I love navy blue.

I felt compelled to post this picture, as well, I love the models running behind him with tennis rackets, and Jean-Paul looking like he just "dropped the mike". Booyah!

In other news, I've got 11 days. ELEVEN DAYS!!! Holy criznap. So many things to do.



[images via Style.com]

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