Monday, October 12, 2009

Post within a Post.

On a mission to find a bookshelf for my new office, I wound up, inevitably, at the thriftstore. Of course I found a bazillion amazing things, all of which adhered to my Fall Wants List: brocade skirts, high-waisted long skirts, 1930's-style, feminine sweaters and frilly, lacy slips.

Today's outfit was themed on success. I had an interview to attend and instead of worrying if I looked pulled-together enough in just the right way (which, in case you're wondering, that way doesn't actually exist, I only futilely try to emulate its ghost), I decided to pull together a few things that have lucky charm-like qualities to me, regardless of their affect on total impression. A black blazer (thrifted) exudes strength to me, so it was a natural choice. Coincidentally, I've half-way decided to use it in lieu of a bridal wrap, because my get-up is already so feminine that anything else seems treacly in comparison.

But as I stood there, weighing which should stay or which should go now, I thought to myself-- I don't need need any of this. And inexpensive as everything is, I told myself at the beginning of the month that nary a penny will go towards anything not completely necessary. Which means, bills, food, and the wedding. Feeling powerfully resolute, I left everything there. I doubt if I've ever done that before.

This particular position involves a stroke of sexiness, and I always feel reservedly sexy in this geometrically-printed, gray dress (Banana Republic). The bag (Urban Outfitters) just happens to hold everything.

The guy who's our officiant is a good friend, and is marrying us in the Dudeist tradition. After all, it was a mutual love of The Big Lebowski that brought my Sweets and I together. Besides this, we haven't given a whole lot of thought to what we want to express/accomplish during the ceremony, because that's the boring part, man.

Green is the color of money, so I unabashedly swathed my legs in the success-reminiscent hue. The tights are from Target, the shoes are Steve Madden.

I haven't been to many wedding ceremonies myself, and the few that I have been to have been relatively by-the-book. I love the sentiment of traditional wedding vows, and the words themselves are beautiful as well, but neither of us adhere to any traditional religious customs besides, so it would be... ehm, non-customary for us to begin now. We're writing our own vows. We have our work cut out for us, for sure.

And lastly, I put on the old keys necklace (thrifted), because keys symbolize access, entrances, beginnings and security.

Til then, I at least have an idea of how I'd like to go down the aisle. Fast-forward to 2:02. (Warning! This clip is ever-so-slightly NSFW).


Sal said...

How I LOVE that your wedding will have a Lebowski flair. And I'm super impressed that you left those thrift finds behind - self-control in the face of wishlist items is to be admired.

The Waves said...

I had a fit of restraint myself at Salvation Army the other day - I didn't buy anything. I have regrets despite feeling happy with myself. Yay at the Lebowski wedding!!! :)

Elissa said...

Sal: Thanks! I just got the speech the officiant is going to give. Simply hilarious.

The Waves: Good for you! And thanks! I can't wait to post pictures later for you!