Thursday, July 30, 2009

Very much in like with...

Things at the new gig are going well; I'm especially excited to flex my product development muscle a bit... I've been told, "Here's all of this awesome equipment, if you think of something cool we can do by all means...." And that makes me very excited, for I already have a few ideas up my sleeve, some of which I may share here soon.

Things that make me excited that I'll share right now are these:

The most perfect of shirts, for those of us who always wanted a Diamond Dogs poster and Mickey Mouse ears, but the planets never aligned right.

Sorry for this miserable image from G-d knows where.

I like Lily, but I love Lily in glasses. These frames are legendary. I'm counting the days (well, months, really) til my health insurance kicks in, and then I'm going to bring the four-eyed rain.

I'm totally in love with these hand-painted sneakers by HVBAO. I'm entertaining fantasies of taking a picture of myself wearing these on a park bench in fall. The beginning of October, in fact, when the wind blows crisply but the sun is still enough to warm you slightly if you sit still in one spot with your hands in your blue sweatshirt.

So you see, gentlemen, if you want to sell men on glass cielings, you can do it by providing some beautiful women to look up at!

Also, I'm in love with this utterly fantastic app from AMC. Dig yourself as a cartoonized character from MadMen! Keen!

Also, please do check out this haunting, 1964 version of the song, "Always Something There to Remind Me." I just discovered it today at dinner when my Sweets put on a record we hadn't listened to before. Amazing.

Cheers to new discoveries! What are you "very much in like with" this week?




Sal said...

LOVE your Mad Men avatar. Talk about SASS!

Charlie said...

Isn't that Sandie Shaw amazing! I first got into her music a few years ago when i read this biography on Morrissey on how he was a big fan but Bacharach/David songs are just all around catchy, it doesn't matter who sings them.

Spandexpony said...

Sal: Ha! Thanks! I find myself suddenly in need of pink horn-rimmed glasses...

Charlie: Fabulous! I didn't know! Love to check out more of all of their stuff.