Friday, July 17, 2009

Me, out!

You might not hear from me for a couple of days, as I'm headin' 'em up and movin' 'em out to Chicago to attend Pitchfork! Yeeeehawwww!!!

I'm most looking forward to seeing M83, The Walkmen, Vivian Girls, Yo La Tengo, and of course, Matt & Kim.

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Sal said...

Eeee! Have loads of fun, and tell us all about it when you get back.

Zachary said...

Wow, this song rocks! Thanks for enabling me to be the cool guy with the new music in his car that no one has ever heard and that everyone immediately wants! No worries, I give you credit and direct them to your blog ;-D

Word Verification: traln

Spandexpony said...

Sal: Thanks! I did!

Zachary: Hahahahaa!!! Wowzers, you sure do make a girl feel... influential!