Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farmin' weekend.

Please forgive meh! I haven't been around on the Internet much, lately. In fact, I've been around exactly the opposite.

I spent this past weekend nosing around my fiance's grandparents' old farm with Sweetay and my future brother-in-law. It's been some time since anyone has lived here; eventually the plan is to completely rehab it and turn it into a family retreat. Til then, the farm is like a scrapbook of their colorful lives...

Two of the sweetest cats alive are the only residents here now.

World War II uniforms hanging neatly.

Inside a tool box.

I love this beautiful color.

A collection of cash registers gathers weeds.

Get a load of the fierce broad!

The barn itself is made of beams that are simply halved trees.

We rode in a golf cart through this field, pulling up flowers for a bouquet as we raced along. Think speed floral-arrangement could well become a new pastime of mine.

Finally wilting under the heat of the day, I left my bouquet with an especially curious and playful teenaged kitten.

I spent all this Tuesday filming an instructional video for one of the products at work today. I don't spend much time with video, but I'm always game to learn. One of the things I discovered is that there's definitely a reason no one's scouted me for a film on the street. B-A-D. But with a bit of brain-wracking and creativity, my co-star and I figured out a way to demonstrate our product without actually having to be in the film. We're dubbing and editing it this week, and it should be up on our site soon-- gawd I love being able to do cool stuff for work. Here's hoping the same for all of you!




Sal said...

That farm looks positively magical. Can't wait to see it post-renovation.

Will you give us a link to this vid once it's done?

Anonymous said...

SO. COOL. A pile of typewriters???!!!!!! :)

Kristi K. said...

The cash registers are pretty cool. You could probably sell them for 5 bucks. I know I would buy one!

Spandexpony said...

Sal: I might give YOU a link to it! ;)

Leesilbeeblog: Yes, and so much more!!

Kristi: You know, I think I might be able to get you one of those for $5!