Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I started at a new job. Everyone is funny and agreeable (and they read my blog, such good taste!). I'm excited to finally have a "dress like an adult" kind of job... although tomorrow I'll probably jeans it as they recommended, for I'll be down in the production area for the day making buttons and hopefully getting a whack at the embroidery machine, so I can learn more about the products I'll be promoting.

Blouse: Actually a dress, from Target. Skirt: Target. Hmm... Shoes: Nine West via Amazon. Bag: Urban Outfitters.

Shoes: Nine West via Amazon. Necklace: Forever 21. Bracelet: Thrifted.

After work (yes, after), I found what may well be the best workplace distraction besides Facebook. Looklet is a bit like Polyvore, but vastly improved. Your items appear on a model and in a setting of your choice, and putting together outfits is like playing high-tech paper dolls. There's also a "love it" feature which is rather gratifying when you've spent the last half hour "styling", as they put it (but really, why not call a spade a spade?). Below, a few that I've put together:

My little Trustifarian rocks a vest-topped, Grecian-inspired evening gown to a picnic. Though feeling the boho flavor, she still wouldn't forgo a classic bag. I mean let's get real. It's a Louis Vuitton, and besides, it was Grandmother's. It's vintage.

Here, my sexy, beach-going bookworm. She doesn't care much about the way she looks but she isn't shy, and manages to throw things together just so. A slouchy cardigan with a mesh bodysuit and wooden heels might be the perfect thing to wear on the boardwalk tonight when she has to break a boy's a heart because, sigh... he doesn't read.

Normally seen at a sprint around the school's track, this one has finally been coaxed into something feminine for the prom. Separates make it a bit more casual, and the asymmetrical weirdness of it all makes her outfit "like, I dunno... funner?". But don't expect her to wear some kind of lacy cover-up or stiff jacket. This girl feels at home in sweats, and she came to this party to move.

Who can explain my art? And why would you? What a useless concept. You either feel something, or you don't. I can tell that you're some tragic troglodite who wants me to wrap up my sculpture for you in a pretty bow, become something other than the blood, feathers and television sets that it is made of so you can take it home to your pretty wife and show off to all of your friends who will marvel at what a philistine you aren't. Well I won't be doing that for you. So good day, sir. Good day.

Looklet is still in Beta version, so helpful additions to the site like being able to import clothing from other websites (a strength of Polyvore's), or styling a guy would be nice. What do you think? Give it a try! Looklet, Polyvore or Photoshop?

Play on,



madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

Congrats on a new job!

Thanks for intro to Looklet, kind of fun.

Here is my first one: http://looklet.com/look/433603

Sal said...

Hurrah for gainful employment! Can't wait to hear more.

And WOW to Looklet. I anticipate wasting many an hour on that site ...

Anonymous said...

Yes! More internet distractions...thanks for the tip, I can't resist new things to play with online.

Spandexpony said...

Sandra: Thanks! Glad you're having fun with it (great look!)

Sal: Ha! Boy do I know it.

Leesilbeeblog: Have funnnnn!!!

Eyeliah SS said...

Wow, I thought that first shot was out of a magazine, I am so excited to try this site, thanks!

Eyeliah SS said...

I forgot to tell you in some craziness that I linked you on my blog a couple weeks ago!