Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's taken me a full two days to recover from our marathon drive back from Chicago overnight so that I could work at 8 in the morning, but I'm finally ready to tell you a little bit about the Pitchfork Music Festival this past weekend.

Sandals: Delia's. Jams: Thrifted. Tank: 80's Purple. Jacket: Thrifted. Attitude: Inherited.

Our first stop was to a Wal-Mart in eastern Indiana to stock up on road-snacks and drinks. There, I found a kiddie Vespa in their bike aisle. I took it for the tiniest of spins in my favorite summer bottoms, a pair of culottes that wear more like jams, all flowy and below-knee-length in a spirited Hawaiian print.

What should have been a six hour trip or so turned into 8, what with the horrific traffic. We entertained ourselves by inserting road-snacks into our holes.

Finally, we got off an exit and had the locals direct us on the quickest, backwoods way of getting into Chicago. Here, my favorite road sign of the day, "Why are you reading when you could be eating?" That's it, ya'll close up your browsers and get yourself a burger. I'll be waiting.

We decided the whole day was a wash, but that we absolutely must find a way to make it to see Built to Spill. They went on at 8:30. We finally arrived at 8:45...

...Eastern time. Little did we know we'd crossed over into the land of Central Time, and we were actually 45 minutes early! Hurrah!

Jacket: thrifted. Tank (second in a series of animals wearing hats by Insight): Cultist. Jeans: Thrifted. Shoes: Strange Cargo.

The next day, my sweet's pleadings to go to Manny's fell on deaf ears. I wanted to revisit the Indian place where I had a tremendous samosa a few months back. Sadly for both of us, the samosas were the only good thing there, by a mile. Most horrendous Indian food of all time. Somehow, we figured out a way to be friendly to eachother despite.

An awesome window on Sheffield. They're good. Oh, they're very, very, good.

Not that I'm biased or anything, but the best two shows were definitely Matt & Kim and M83. Here, a picture of my sweets and I posing to "Colours". Things I saw the most of, fashion-wise? Fixed-gear bikes, boys wearing ballet flats (yes. You read it correctly. No more are pants the sole article of womens' clothing appropriated by the mens), white girls wearing hipster scarves in the style of the hijab, and Birkenstocks. Lots of them. On hipsters. My sweets estimates that, "hippies will have their day again, as the latent 'I spend money' message of hipsterism becomes outre beneath the crashing waves of a waning economy." That's why I love that mutha.

Also I love him, because he likes to go to Ikea. The friend with whom we stayed happens to live a block away from the Ikea so a breakfast of Swedish Meatballs turned into a full-scale house-outfitting mission. Keetonz appreciates the flokati rug we scored.

We also gorged ourselves on all the prints and posters for sale at Flatstock, but I'll have to reveal those to you in a future post.

While you wait, why not enter The Contest and win yourself a pair of Current/Elliott jeans?? Four more days...!




Sal said...

Sounds AAAAHHH-mazing. Well except for the crappy Indian food. And I love your musings on the Birk, and fiance's input. Time will tell, eh?

Eyeliah SS said...

Grear recap, looks like a blast!