Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Currently in love with...

In an hour-and-a-half we meet to sign on a new place,
My nerves show not but for a tic on my face
So in order to calm myself (and provide you all with some reading)
I present to you all of the things I love/want/am needing:

"Elsita (Elsa Mora)" from Wardrobe Remix.

Poetically clad and picturesque-ly backgrounded
I'm epically obsessed with her photostream-- I'm dumbfounded
By her uncanny ability to channel Frida Kahlo
If I weren't kind of straight and attached I'd be her Diego.

Swacket via Harputs Market

Holy crap, it's like 80 garments in one.
If I find a spare $500, I'ma rock this, son!

Speaking of rocks, howabout a whole strand?
I just wanna eat it -- no, wear it-- no--! Damn!

via Jpgmag.

Also, bananas. And turbans, and couches.
And a lady who lunches (on bananas), and slouches.

Wait---! I never like Chanel, I said with a snarl.
Then why the hell do I suddenly love everything Karl?
The shoes above are so "punk Bonnie and Clyde",
And that hat's like a disco-ing flapper just died.


Holy bejeweled crap...

Sigh, the layers, ooweeee!

Je besoin d'obtenir cettes vetements aujourd-hui!

A consummately perfect wedding gown,

Preceded by a Klimt-like kiss,

How amazingly galactic is this?

Sigh... off I go, not sure if we'll spring for it.
I've never hopped off a lease
Though the circumstances certainly call for it.

Til later, alligators,



Sal said...

Elsita really IS channeling Frida - and in the best possible way. That NECKLACE, my GAWD.

Rozdeen said...

The second garment..complete love.

Eyeliah SS said...

I just watched Frida two days ago - wow wow! :-) Love her style, was planning a post on it.

Tha collection too om-gawd, great loves.

emily said...

i love how you made everything rhyme!!

Spandexpony said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Eyeliah: I think we're on a similar wavelength lately! Great minds think alike!

Emily: Thanks! It was a gamble-- glad you liked it; afterall, I did spend my teen years expecting to become a poet. ;)