Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flowers 'n' Darkness

It suddenly dawned on me this week that the wedding countdown is nigh... three more months to go, and there's still so much to be done! This week alone, I researched photographers (and have since decided to look for a talented student, for the unorthodox eye and ahem-- affordable pricing), made an appointment for a cake-tasting, got most of the addresses I've been dragging my feet on asking for, and consulted with a florist (I'm gonna compare three).

Clockwise from top right: delphinium, foxtail fern, hyacinth hybrid, peony, hypericum berries, mini callas, a swag I'd like to see over the threshold of the gazebo, potential boutonierres for all of the men in attendance and the type of shape I'd like my bridal bouquet to be.

I'm not huge into flowers, but when working with someone who knows what they're doing, what looks good and what's possible, the juices got a-flowin. Since our theme is Art Deco and our colors are navy, peach and silver, I knew I wanted elegant, vertically-oriented flowers like hyacinth. The first florist guided me towards hypericum berries, peach mini callas, delphinium and foxtail ferns for vegetation. There's also a fountain where the ceremony and reception are, so we're going to float some waterlilies in there. Le sigh!!!

Blouse: thrifted. Shoes: JC Penney. Skirt: ModCloth. Necklace: KidViskous on Etsy.

I left the appointment excited, but with a tinge of sadness that grew throughout the day... Although I thankfully have the wonderful help of my soon-to-be mother-in-law, I do really wish that my mom were around to get excited with me, offer advice and bond with. I considered staying in last night for a gigantic weep-fest, but instead gussied up a bit to party with the ladies (and gents).

I love these shoes... I rampaged a clearance at JC Penney and got them for only $9!

Also, the contest has ended! I'll review all of your entries and pick a winner in the next couple of days. A big thank you to all who entered!




Eyeliah SS said...

I love the green plant, and the peachy colors are so wedding perfect!

Spandexpony said...

Thanks! Peach is my favorite color.