Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Like buttah.

The other day, my Sweets and I went to a butterfly show and gave the macro setting on my camera quite a workout...

This is my very favorite color right now... "Do you have this in Neon Butterfly Green?"

I've never been a butterfly kind of a girl, in fact, I often find their lilting flight to be kind of clumsy-- as if a telephone book were to take to the air.

You should click on the image for the full effect... this guy's understated, turkey-like coloring is quite beautiful close up!

Seeing them proximally, however, gave me a new appreciation for the frolicky fellers... and it's something I haven't done in a long time; in fact, I think the last time I saw a butterfly (not of the cabbage variety) could very possibly be years ago. That's citification for ya.

Definitely click this one too... you can actually see all the yellow pollen on his wings and legs!

This pretty little dude is blue on his topside, and orange on the bottom.

Lovely, and kind of delicious-looking, like a young walnut.

And now, ever since the show, I can't get their stunning, temporal beauty out of my head-- and wish there were a way to make a necklace of butterfly wings sans cruelty. Til then, I'll settle for these:

Nicholas Kirkwood at Farfetch. Guh-guh-guhhhh.....

Free People Top at Chickdowntown.

Summit Fashion Rhinestone Sandal at Amazon. Brings out my inner Mariah Carey.

Jordan Maxi Dress at Chickdowntown.

Digital Butterfly Wings Print Leggings at Topshop.

Customized Vans Sneakers by Anissa Housley.

Chris Benz Skirt at Shopbop.

I'm-a wing my way to bed, now... let's all hope I don't have to work yet another 11-hour day tomorrow!




Charlie said...

so pretty! I love going into butterfly houses and letting them land on you - feel like some sort of fairy. Great photos by the way the colours are gorgeous

Sal said...

Gorgeous shots, lady! And yow, gorgeous Kirkwoods, too.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, you had me at that part where you likened a butterfly to a phone book taking to the air.

Eyeliah SS said...

hehe, I have been working on a butterfly post. Great compilation. :-)

Zachary said...

I love Mary Tyler Moore! She is the epitome of a woman: smart, beautiful and charismatic.

Word verification: modesha

Zachary said...

Once, when we were driving:

- Suddenly there was
a terrible roar all around us...
and the sky was full of
what looked like huge butterflys...
- all swooping and screeching
and diving around the car.

-I started screaming:
"Holy Jesus, what are
these god damned animals ?"

My friend arose from his nap
-Did you say something ?
- Hmm? Nothing, never mind.

No point in mentioning
these butterflys, I thought.
The poor bastard'll
see them soon enough.

Word Verification: boske