Sunday, August 9, 2009

Travel: Cakes, Garage Sales.

Some things are worth traveling 100 miles or so for...

The first being the Route 127 Garage Sale, the longest garage sale in the world. This annual second-hand freakfest spans along the titular route from Alabama to Michigan.

Loved these charming little plaque things... kind of refined compared to the usual weirdo outsider art you find in these kinds of places...

Dogs hate garage sales.

I scored some amazing Sarah Coventry jewelry, some of which is on me today...

Click to embiggen! Dress: Banana Republic. Safari Animals Belt: Thrifted. Bag: Francesca's. Shoes: Nine West, via Amazon. Necklace&Earrings (which can alternatively be worn as rings): Sarah Coventry via Rt. 127 Garage Sale.

My other big travel this weekend (today) was to my very favorite bakery in the world, The Bonbonerie, to do a wedding-cake tasting.

The Wind Cookies (don't you love that?) are the consistency of chalk, though less dense, and far tastier, with a light almond flavor.

I couldn't believe the size of the pieces they had us try! We were expecting petit-four style morsels to split between all of us, but clearly, they aimed to woo us, and woo they did. We tried a fluffy raspberry cake (in the foreground), a more buttery, dense raspberry; tangerine (with little tiny pieces of fruit in the filling... woah), lemon, white chocolate, and my personal favorite, though not sure if it's the kind of cake I'd want for a wedding-- carrot. Their recipe omitted nuts and raisins, but was good, spicy and dark with lots of ginger and molasses.

I haven't done a whole lot of looking into cake design--- I'm mostly concerned with taste, and I know I definitely want no fondant involved in my cake, babe. We flipped through their gigundous book of designs, and I think we might go with something very close to this one (minus the corny topper, eh?):

I think a peach-colored cake with silver dots instead of the wavy pattern they have on it, with lilies of the valley transformed to dark blue delphinium might be just the ticket... Oh, I really love this one, indeed!

Have a tasty weekend, readers!




Amber said...

I've heard about that garage sale! It's such an excellent idea.

Sunshine said...

man why do i have to live 9+ hours from ohio? on a map it looks like it's right next door..
maybe next year i'll make this my road trip!