Sunday, August 16, 2009


"Gosh I hate it!" I said to my co-worker. "Hate what?" He said. "All I can think about is frickin' shoes and it's driving me crazy!" Now that my top two picks for wedding shoes have suddenly sold out, I'm now in a mad dash to find some that'll more than just "do". Here are some of the sartorial succubi robbing me of sleep:

I'm wearing a long, 1930's inspired lace dress, and I love the idea of the cut-outs in the shoe echoing the lace. But does it border on too-muchery?

Also in the realm of too-muchery (and expensiveness) are these hot-tastic Juicy Couture shoes. The sight of them instantly spurs girlish happiness-- in addition to having a sturdy heel. I gotta dance in these puppies, you know!

Oh! Deer "Guggenheim"

I've long had these shoes on my Amazon Wishlist, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. So gorgeous and the heel is really unusual, but not sure if these are more "business" than "wedding".

In addition to silver, nude, and gold, I would also be in the market for something blue, and I think these just scream "dance the night away". However, I have been wanting to wear these tights and open toes with lace tights remind me of a fishing net full of squished scallops. Blech.

I love these shoes, but I might take them to a cobbler and get the wood painted silver. Plus, you could wear them after the event, but are perforations too summery?

I love how sturdy these heels look, and they'd be excellent candidates for any number of the vintage shoe clips I've been perusing at my local antique haunt.

This is my most off-beat pick, but I love the idea of suede with lace, especially in fall, and that they'd give the dress a more modern edge. In addition, there are a number of Etsy sellers that will decorate bridal shoes, a la the example below:

I'd love to have the cuff of this boot all beaded up! Too good!

Which earns your vote? While you decide, I'm going to start making the house ready for our Mad Men premiere party.




emily said...

aww, it's too bad about your top choices selling out... :(

actually, all my favorites are nude... i like the first one, but you're right, it might be too matchy. the one you thought looked too office wear, in my opinion, is also a good choice. but, i think my favorite is the last pair! it's not very wedding-y at all, but that just might be personal preference.

i know whichever you choose, though, they'll be great!

Amber said...

I think the first pair is my favorite but the Seychelles are a close second!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I love that first pair!

Eyeliah SS said...

Those first shoes are such a dream - wow wow!

Caroline said...

Oooh, tough call. I like the third pair best, but that last pair (not the etsy ones, but the ankle bit ones) is really coming in at a close second.