Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have this dress.... that I have a love-hate relationship with.  It's got a surplice neckline which my husband loves, but makes me feel like I'm lactating.  Some days I'm good with the earth-mother mood that the top-heaviness engenders, and at other times I go to Forever 21 and buy a new outfit in the middle of the day.  Voici...

Bomber:  Marshall's.  Top:  Forever 21. Skirt:  Forever 21.  Tights:  Gift.  Shoes:  Miss Bisou.

Today was a great day at work, despite!  I recently bought a voice recorder last week and have been taking it with me on my breaks to record snippets of funny stories, jokes and one-liners.  Today marks my 38th joke, and I figure that should be enough to harangue a crowd for the requisite 5 minutes, so... I plan to go to an open-mike night in Columbus this up-coming week and try my hand at some stand-up comedy. 

Ring: Forever 21.

I have to credit my brother-in-law for instilling me with the courage to do such a thing... in fact, he's kind of started a wave amongst our friends.  Speaking of wave, best to duck if I'm wearing this ring when I want to say hello to someone.  I have not had great luck with two-finger rings on account of the whole not-just-fitting-one-finger-but-two-and-there's-no-interchangeableness-about-it thing, but me and this little zebra are a match made in accessory heaven.  I hope nothing ever happens to him, but as it most likely will now that I've written that, I'll now a) knock on my wooden desk  --knock, knock-- and b) enjoy the time that we have together, now. 




LyddieGal said...

I love that you bought a new outfit, that is awesome.

The zebra ring is so cute, what is with all the absolutely adorable animal rings out there? I want them all!!!

Good luck with your comedy club ventures!

Chic on the Cheap

Eli said...

that ring is so cool! gotta stock up on rings cause theyre calling my name!

Eyeliah said...

cool ring! I find after a couple hours they bug me on my fingers.... I love the way these big rings look thou.

Elissa said...

Lyddie: Thank you and I KNOWW!!! I'm a sucker for animal stuff!

Eyeliah: I know how you feel; I used to be the same way but I was determined to break myself in, so to say so I trained myself to withstand rings for long periods of time, though, not without some initial discomfort!! Reading that now, I sounds like a true freak-a-leak!!

Viola said...

Sexy tights, E. Ow!

Zachary said...

Elissa, you know, if your wearing that zebra ring and you happen to be waving, and someone just so happens to intercept that wave with their face... :::slap!:::