Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To flatter, or not to flatter...

Ahmigahd ahmigahd ahmigahd.  Tomorrow night is the big night.  I'm somewhat used to being on stage-- my parents say that as a baby, I would stand up in my high chair at the restaurant and sing at the top of my lungs serenade diners and staff alike.  I've done plays, I've given lectures, I've sunk my teeth into all kinds of karaoke, but this stand-up foray is altogether different. 

Top:  thrifted.  Tank:  Urban Outfitters.  Jeans:  NY&Co.  Shoes:  Pink Duchess.

I won't be putting my own spin on something people are already familiar with, or working within the safety and constraint of someone else's writing and direction.  I'm just making up some stupid stuff and hoping people like it-- hopefully I'm not the only one that thinks that cats with French accents and pulling grilled cheese sandwiches apart is funny.  If not, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to quiver and vomit and scamper back to my hole.  Ye-yipe!!!

Today's look attempts to make use of this gigantic, cropped silky top I thrifted.  It's got great buttons and is actually -- dunh, dunh, dunh -- some kind of 1970's lingerie.  I was primarily attracted to it because of the cool fabric, and the fact that it has roomy sleeves, something that I've begun to seek out on account that I've finally acknowledged that my "pythons" will never be garter snakes.  And not that one should go around covering things... I don't necessarily believe that you should cover things you don't like looking at, because it is, you know, your god-given body, it's just that now I won't have to look at them because they are now covered.  Ya dig??

Also on my arm today... a watch my little brother gave me.  He is a watch fiend, and has a pretty sizeable collection.  He takes them apart and puts them back together again, it's all very German of him.  Well, the boy is indeed going to attend school in the Land of Clocks (and cute wooden things, and streudel) and has unloaded some watches on me to make his transcontinental move a bit lighter.  This particular watch is a 1930's Gruen, which used to be manufactured in downtown Cincinnati.  The best part is you don't have to wind it, because it automatically does so whenever you move your arm.  I didn't even know that technology was around then!

It makes me want to revisit watches altogether; I have some pretty cool ones, actually, and I keep coming across styles that make me want to revisit watch-wearing, even though I primarily stopped on account of their arm-embiggening qualities. 

Whaddya think?  Is there something you can't stop wearing even though you know it's not flattering??  Should it matter?




corazones rojos said...

Harem pants, bodysuits, and I'm sure other stuff that I'm not aware isn't flattering. Haha.

alya said...

The stand-up thing sounds so fun, but so nerve racking! I always complain there aren't enough female comedians who are across the board funny...you know, not relying on the fact that the lining of their uterus slides out of them every month of that dating is so damn hard. So be good. That's how I'm going to wish you good luck: a stern demand to "be good."

Sal said...

Break a leg, sister!

LyddieGal said...

Sometimes a little coverage can be a good thing... and if it isn't flattering, why wear it? Shouldn't the things you look best in be the ones you can't stop wearing?

Best of luck with your stand-up - can't wait to hear about how it went!

Chic on the Cheap

Zachary said...

Beeserz- Is the watch still working/ "holding" time?

Elissa said...

Thank you for your comments, everybody!

Corazones: Yeah, but you wear everything so damn well!!

Alya: I totally agree! There is some awful commercial out right now for SlimFast that features female commedians making LAME jokes about weight loss pills... I wanna gag every time I see it!

Sal: Thanks!!

Lyddie: True, true... sometimes covering it up just looks better! Wanh, wanh.... Thanks for the good luck wishing!

Zach: Um... no. But I still like it!