Sunday, May 16, 2010

All this weekend's parties... Part II

Party Number Two definitely turned it up a whole other notch.  My plans to go as a unicorn were foiled last minute by my planned-upon dress --which I haven't tried on in six months-- being way too big.  On to plan B, which involved a favorite vintage dress of mine that, due to its esoteric awesome, never gets trotted out as often as I'd like.

When I first started on as the manager of a vintage store, the owners let me pick 1 dress to have right off the bat and I immediately chose this #1 Stunna.  Oh, and yep, I'm wearing a purple feather crown and geisha/clown makeup.  But wait til you see my Sweets...

He decided to go as our cat, complete with cat-ears he made from a pair of bunny ears, a tail made out of a white feather boa, and 6 charming cat nipples (which were tweaked ceaselessly throughout the night).

Besides the bar (I kept it to a drink called the Dark and Stormy-- spiced rum with ginger beer), there was costume karaoke, burlesque, an amazing DJ and general, extreme buffoonery.  But since most of those pictures are pretty intensely NSFW, I'll populate the rest of this post with hot outfit action.

I loved this girl's gigantic bow and Elizabethan collar that she made herself. 

I didn't realize til posting this that Cherry Blossom Barbie and I had nearly the same face makeup going.  These girls were the ultimate in confectionary cuteness.

And because I'm a friendist, here's another shot of D., in his party attire.  I should of rolled him for that jacket!!

Here, I play games with my dress and the projector...

And my personal favorite picture of the evening... who can explain to me why flash is sometimes so bad, and at other times, so very, very good??

Well, back to reality, folks... hope you all had a fantastic weekend yourselves!





Wowww, the party look Awesome,
Fancy costumes ;)

LyddieGal said...

That looks like an insanely awesome party!

Love your costumes!

Chic on the Cheap

Viola said...

AH MAH GAHD. Cat nipples for the win!

Eyeliah said...

gosh, fun parties and you look amazing in your geisha look (want to do that one year for sure).

Elissa said...

Thanks All! Eyeliah, I bet you could do Geisha VERY well!!