Monday, May 10, 2010

Who's cutting arts?

The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.  This explains why, even though biking to work is both free, and by the miracle of modern traffic patterns, actually faster than driving to work, I am unable to get up the requisite 45 minutes early in order to do so. Why 45 minutes early?  Why, I require 3/4 hour of mental preparation to conquer my various biking-related fears vis a vis heavy morning traffic.  It is this trepidation that encourages me to press the sleep button one, two, three more times.  Oops!  There isn't time enough to bike!  Guess I'll drive again!

Not so today!  I sprang out of bed, right sprightly and walked to work today (I could not summon the mettle to ride).  Though coffee and breakfast-less, my footly commute helped breathed some life into my morning. 

After, I met up with some people from the Ohio Art League, for whom I am now blogging on the side.  The biggest party of their year is coming up this Saturday, and they are getting the event space ready.  I came by to take inventory of all the art that is going up (for sale by silent auction) to write a little piece about it. The space itself has 4 floors with insane downtown views... and I can walk to it from my house, so I look forward to getting into howl-at-the-moon mode. 

"Wonder", by Lisa McLymont

Of all the art, this one sang out to me as my tastes are pretty staunchly multimedia... the Wonderbread factory in town just closed, and a new art space called Wonderland is about to open inside.  Even though we miss the fresh bread smells, people are pretty excited about Wonderland, and this painting/collage pretty accurately encapsulates all of the emotions involved in a beloved factory dying, while a glamorous, unproven venture looms.

Speaking of art, here's a close-up of my necklace, which is really what my outfit is about today.  I got it at an antique store in Florida last year, and it's one of my favorite things-- I rarely trot it out due to its in-between length, but damnit if I ought to do it more often.  It makes me feel like I'm projecting good will, without having to smile or give money to anyone.  I'm now on the hunt for accessories that make me appear beatific but not religious, and hard-working but not employed.

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist to repair 6 years worth of eating lots of cake and candy and shirking the chair.  Luckily ( I suppose ) the last time I went they couldn't work on me because I was... well, conscious.  I have extreme tooth-meddling aversion and almost threw up on the hygienist, to which the dentist prescribed me some knock out pills and rescheduled me.  "Do NOT forget to take these prior to," he said, "Because I can't work like this." he gestured to my expression of abject terror and white-knuckled grip on his coat.

Ughhhh.... wish me luck!!




LyddieGal said...

I don't think I could stand to bike through traffic either - I'd feel much safer on foot!

The heart is beautiful, perhaps you could shorten, or switch to a longer chain?

Good luck at the dentist. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow as well, and while I don't enjoy it I'll make it out okay and begrudgingly schedule another for November.

Chic on the Cheap

Viola said...

Who made the Wonderland piece? I love it.

Sal said...

Hurrah for walking to work! And I didn't know about the side blogging gig - congrats, cutie.

Gio Goi Shoes said...

Great post! love your blog

Eli said...

I want to bike to work too, but in Las Vegas I'm afraid I'm going to get run over. I also thoroughly enjoying waking up as late as possible.

Eyeliah said...

I have the same challenge as to walk or take the bus, you know the bus only saves me 10-15 minutes, I really should be walking. I live at the bottom of a big hill and it is so steep that it intimidates me first thing in the morning, and I don’t want to get sweaty before I’m even at work and (more excuses – lol). I never take the bus home though ;-)

Elissa said...

Thank you all for your comments!

LyddieGal: Your commitment to oral health is commendable... schedule another appt??? I'll have to follow your lead....

Viola: Oops I forgot to say, it's by Lisa McLymont, entitled, "Wonder".

Sal: Thank you! You inspired me with your biking!

Gio Goi: Thanks so much!

Eli, Eyeliah: You can do eeeet!!!!

Bench Fleece said...

lovely pics! Great post!