Wednesday, April 28, 2010

T-shirt Menagerie.

 Cardigan:  thrifted.  Skirt:  thrifted.  Shoes:  MIA.  Belt:  Urban Outfitters.  Tank:  Insight via Cultist.

Even though I'm elated to have an 8-5, and to have the knowledge of where I'll be from day to day and be able to plan things at night, it really is astounding how much time 9 hours is to one's wakeful life.  As someone who has typically done things on a variable schedule, it's definitely something to get used to, in terms of re-organizing one's schedule. 

I've been waiting weeks to build up the chutzpah to iron this skirt and wear it, and happily I did and I am in lurve.  The longer length feels almost subversive, and khaki is something I trot out every once in a never.  No many detail photos today, as it was raining and dark and my camera dislikes both of those situations, but my needlepoint belt is a point of interest, and the very first thing I ever bought from Urban Outfitters way back in the Nineties, ya'll!

As for the top, I have a small, but growing collection of these animals-in-costume tanks from Insight.  The one I have on, of course, features a little kitty in a beret with a paint brush.  It was a toss-up between that, and the raccoon with the whisk in the chef hat; hopefully I can grab that one soon! 

Here's the rest of them... let's all drool along, shall we?  If pastel animals on tank tops fail to arouse your interest, I redirect you here...

This one I love because it reminds me of the cake-toppers at our wedding...

What about you guys?  What items of clothing do you collect?  Are they part of a series, or are you on a "see scarves, buy them" regimen?




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