Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boo, quak quak, keek!

Now that I'm walking the 5-mile round-trip to work and back, I look sweatier than Jason Davis when I get home.  So, while outfit sharing has been foiled for today, I have in store for you a collection of my favorite things... it's like a tiny little electronic pop-culture magazine!

Page 1:  Music. 

This is the song that has, happily, been stuck in my head all day.  There's something about summer that lights a hankering for Brazilian Girls deep within my heart.  And after all, don't we all just want a giant puffy dress and to have a good time? 

Just press play and enjoy the tune (though there may be an ad at the beginning... ugh...) while you read on... !

Page 2:  Art

Reader Viola has turned me on to the art of Diego Gravinese.  His paintings are hyper-realistic, candid snapshots, with amazing detail and bright colors, with some elements of collage.  Blah, blah, blah... they're freakin' beautiful!

Page 3:  Diet Tips

Ever since my ill-fated trip to the dentist, I've been doing what only the truly nebbish do:  brushing my teeth after every meal.  Not only am I ready to hold a conversation about anything starting with the letter "h" with anyone at any time now, but I think I've lost a couple of pounds on account that now I think twice before snacking because I'll have to brush my teeth again. 

Page 4:  Fashion-- turn to the left!

I was typically a Weardrobe fan, until I took a better look at Chictopia.  While their "chic-rating" system is lambasted by some, I actually like giving and getting feedback, plus their system is loads more organized and easy to use.  I especially enjoy browsing looks by body type.  One of my current favorite Chictopians is Franco Fernandez... I love her filmy layers, dark red crop, and intensely cool (typically gigantic) accessories.

Page 5:  Contest

Have you entered the contest?  No?  Well there's still time-- 2 more days, in fact!  Click here to enter to win a pair of 7mm freshwater pearl earrings courtesy of Louis Anthony Jewelers.

Awright awright!  My Sweets is currently into making milkshakes, and there is one waiting for me right now, downstairs melting surely as I write.  So, I sign off here and grab my reward!



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Eyeliah said...

Oh fun song, new to me!! And I just did a post a Franco – new girl crush ;-)