Saturday, May 29, 2010

Celebrate, betch!

"Yeah, I made this hat" he told me.

Every now and then we like to throw a huge party... we've never had a yard before, so we're doing it up with a fire to sit around, we're smoking 30 lbs of meat (vegetarians, look away!), and we're projecting a movie on the side of our garage.  I'm pretty much the definition of hot mess right now-- I ran 4 miles, weeded, cleaned the (shudder) toilet, raked grass clippings, removed grime from patio furniture and... picked a winner for the Louis Anthony Jewelers Pearl Earrings Contest!!  Don't worry, the prize is being sent from the jewelers themselves, so I can't get any of my schmutz on them. I turned to the randomness professionals at to produce a winner...

 .... and the lovely and talented Eyeliah of Style Symmetry has nabbed herself some pearls earrings!  I'll be in contact with you shortly!

A big wet, sloppy thanks to all of you who participated, tweeted, blogged, and followed!  Your participation warms a girl's heart.  Hope you all enjoy your long weekend!!