Monday, March 1, 2010

Honey : delish :: honey-inspired jewelry : megawant

 I used to hate honey.  After I learned in school that it was essentially, bee vomit, I refused to eat it.  Since I'm now avoiding sugars and sweeteners, I figure that nature couldn't possibly be wrong and so I've dipped my toe back in the honey-pond, so to say.  Now, I can't get enough.  I put it on yogurt, toast, berries, in tea, and hopefully, soon... around my neck.

I love this series of necklaces; each one is organically put together, with each hexagon slightly misshapen.  I'm diggin' the "drippy" look of it. 

For those who prefer a less dainty approach to jewelry, this bad boy is a delightful metal mix-- always a plus in my book-- and also looks like something you could put together if you went bananas with some hex nuts from Home Depot.

Back to little things, The Harbinger Company actually makes versions of this necklace from tiny-tines here, to full-on bib.  I appreciate the regular, digital rhythm to this piece... the stark geometry of it all takes on a lightness with the abundance of negative space. 

Swoon, die.  I'm in love.  Put this in my mailbox and I'll be your paparazzi.

This one actually has nothing to do with honeycombs, but after I found the last piece, I got into the agate-zone and couldn't get back out.  But seriously.  Look at this thing.  It's like an agate... dipped in honey.  Mwah. 

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Sal said...

That Newport News one is calling to me ...

Elissa said...

Sal, I knew that it would!! I tried to keep in mind your silver requirement. ;)