Thursday, March 4, 2010


I felt moved, on my way back from work, to scribble up a "Love x Machine Guns" tee-shirt. Click to enlarge.

I learned a lesson today-- I have two overhead projectors in the back of my car.  My Sweets and I won them at an auction for $4 apiece, and we have a plan to use them to project a sweet stencil onto the wall to trace.  Well, today, I parked my car in a nice, sunny lot and went to the bank.  I came back to my car and threw the literature they'd given me in the back seat, on top of one of the projectors.  Then I pounced off to the grocery to pick up some lint rollers, because I'm wearing a lot of black lately, and my cat is white... and sheds like she's got a deadline.

I came back to my car, and saw a guy with a puppy.  I thought, "Man-- I can't wait til it's summer. --sniff, sniff-- wow, somebody's roasting marshmallows or something, it smells delicious out here! --in here!!!"  I suddenly became aware that my car was completely filled with smoke.  I took a panicked inventory and saw a tasty little fire brewing in my backseat.  My first thought was that someone had broken into my car and started a fire in there, but no, my own laziness, an overhead projector and some solar serendipity worked together to create a little ambience in the back of my ride.

I grabbed the papers and threw them outside into a puddle, but geez-- if I'd spent more time in the magazine section contemplating Mariska Hargitay's supposed bikini fails then I might be looking up bus routes now.

Projectors.  Who knew?

Yours a la flambe,



LyddieGal said...

that is so crazy!! good thing you got to your car in time!

alya said...

Oh, goodness, that's crazy! So lucky you didn't spend a few extra minutes in the store...I will be sure to warn anybody I see loading a projector into their backseat in the future.