Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You may recall that last summer I spent many a lazy hour playing with Looklet.  Now, Couturious is giving Looklet a run for their money, benefitting from its association with Weardrobe and Facebook.  I've already taken a shine to it, as you can see...

Now I know this one isn't as eclectic as I might hope for, but the model's Angelina-like looks beg for simple sophistication and black, black, black.  Nude accessories are perennial favorites of mine for keeping otherwise dark outfits from feeling funeral.

I dub this one Zooey Deschanel x Bethenny Frankel.  I'm kinda lovin' this gold-digging hipster look.  Cheetah shoes will always win with me, and the top-over-a-top thing is one of those glorious devices that are the sole provenance of the small-breasted woman.  Oh, to layer my own tops with such aplomb!

This one is my absolute favorite.  Ever since I saw The Day of the Locust, I've had wide-legs and bandeau tops on the brain (movie-inspired post to come).  I imagine this look to be right at home in Nantucket, yachting, champagning and what have you.  I put her in the subway, though, because this look reminds me of my "coming home from Coney Island" looks I would sport in my NYC days.  Must...!!

Crunch! Crunch!,


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