Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shoes have I loved

My paper-writing lark is proving to be both intense, and profitable-- so I apologize for the brief interruption in juicy blog-post morsels.  Today I spent the entire day reading The Haunting of Hill House, and then watching the corresponding film; I need tonight to let it form into a nebula of a clue on how to write a paper on themes of "perversions of motherhood".  Ick.  Yes. 

I spent a time today, chasing down shoes of an altogether spectacular nature, to cleanse my palette of perverts and ghosts.  Here, a selection of shoes, simultaneously icky and yet mystifyingly desirable.  Now if only the perverted ghost of my finances would return...


If ever there were a shoe for a modern-day Athena, these might be it.  At first, I was shocked by their revolting, Teva-like tendencies, but later resolved to love them and treat them as a breezy high-top.  Now I'm determined that the right pair of slouchy, cropped slacks; a loose-fitting, graphic-printed racer-back tank, a short sequinned vest and a jaunty chapeau are just the things to take these from crunchy to crunk.

I'll admit it.  I kinda hate the huge, platform heels that proliferate the hooves of every large-glasses wearing celebrity.  They seem like the giant, buoyant false breasts of the shoe world.  These, however, are ahhht dahling, of the highest kind. These I prescribe a white, pin-up style bikini and a dressing kimono of the old Hollywood kind. 

If one could meld the shoe lusts of Rumi and Sal, out would pop these delectables.  Architectural, towering, aggressive, sexy, these are the kind of shoes whose sole purpose is for stamping out your cigarette butt before you calmly and confidently walk away from a building that is about to explode.  Or they could definitely be used to add increasing pressure to the accelerator of an Aston Martin as you launch it from one end of a rising drawbridge to the other... to get to the library before they close because they're the only branch in town with a copy of The Haunting of Hill House on the shelves...

Back to work,




Sal said...

Ahhh, you know me so well. I am DROOLING over those Skovgaards!

And I think it's fantastic that you turned to shoe porn to exorcise your ghosts. Awesome.

LyddieGal said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the giant nike swish. On the one hand, it is distinctly part of the architecture of the shoe, on the other, I loath in-your-face label branding.

The Camilla Skovgaards however, are fantastic, and would be amazing for any occasion.

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