Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Urge to thaw rising... risingggg!!!


Ahh.... It's a beautiful sight to see, isn't it?  Thaw... spring's baby bump.  Ha!  Today I did some very revelatory thinking early in the morning, so it set me up right for the rest of the day. 

I'm 100% Thrifted today, baby.  Except for the tights.  I don't do the thrifted tights.  I did once thrift an unopened package of 80's L'eggs and they literally disintegrated as I wore them, that and the waistband was so aged that it felt like I was wearing the ring from a jug of milk. 

I was able for the first time to whip out the trench coat I thrifted in San Francisco--- I gotta imagine that would be the best place to go for cast-off trenches, right?  Speaking of cast-offs, I descended on one of my local thrifts today and it was definitely the right decision. Nautical cardigans, a khaki bell skirt a la this J. Crew one that I've been lusting after, a pair of suede Hush Puppies and a hilarious Simpsons tee-shirt featuring Mr. Sparkle!


And oh yes!  The clogs!  I thrifted these last summer, prescient thing that I am, and much as I love clogs, I'm finding these rather difficult to style but I think it has to do with my distinct lack of leg.  It doesn't matter.  They're silver, and rhinestone-encrusted, and Michael Kors, betch, so I'll keep practicing til something fashionylicious develops.

Til later,



Sal said...

I'd say this outfit qualifies as something fashionylicious! Man alive those are some fabulous clogs.

Eyeliah said...

ditto on the clogs!

Elissa said...

Thanks ladies!