Sunday, February 28, 2010


Outfit loosely inspired by The Waves.  Blouse:  Thrifted.  Jeans:  NY&Co.  Boots:  Jeffrey Campbell.

Today was spent at an all-day comedy workshop and festival.  Even though my not-too-terribly secret ambition is to one day to stand-up, improv, or hell-- maybe both, I was feeling neither here nor there about going to the thing.  Spontaneity is not my forte when it comes to going places. 

But my brother-in-law drug me from my cave and we commenced to workshopping.  First we did two hours worth of improvisational exercises, which are a ton of fun if you don't mind making an ass of yourself.  I totally don't mind.  Then we did an hour of learning about stand-up comedy, then practiced writing jokes around prompts.  My prompt started, "I used to date a guy that worked at White Castle..."

Meow... I iz expanding my repertoire of pozez...

"...He was cute, you know, he was nice.  Nice guy... but the smell he'd come home with-- steamed onions, hanging in the air, on his clothes, on his... fingers... wet meat, homelessness.  It was an olfactory mess, and you know, you can only be so nice, I mean at the end, it was just not what I crave."

Eh?  Eh?

The rest of the evening was devoted to watching some of the local comedians and improv troupes do their thing and it was good-- actually great, I wasn't aware there was such comedic talent in my little burg!  And good people, too.  To be continued...?




alya said...

Stand-up comedy is my favorite form of entertainment; that's so cool that you went out to the workshop and did some improv!

Clare said...

That ruffly blouse is GORGeous!

Eyeliah said...

lol! I am sooo not good at making an ass of myself!

Elissa said...

Alya: Thanks! It's definitely worth seeing it from the other side of the coin, too!
Clare: Thank you!
Eyeliah: That's OK, I'll just be an ass for you!! ;D