Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Extra, extra!

The kind folks at T-post contacted me recently and asked if I'd like to check out their wares, to which I answered, "Like, DUH!!"


Now, you may say to yourself-- who cares?  There are a bunch of t-shirts out there, each better designed than the last.  But T-post has its own cool little thing going-- it's actually "wearable news".  Each t-shirt constitutes an issue, and features a news story printed on the inside back.  The graphic on the front of the t-shirt is the artist's rendition of the story.  When you subscribe, you get a new t-shirt -- with news story -- every month. 

Here I am, contemplating the news while wearing said t-shirt.

Sweater:  Anthropologie.  Leggings:  Old Navy.  Shoes:  Vintage, thrifted.  Tee-Shirt:  T-post.

I am pleased to report that the shirt fits the girls fine, and unlike many other women's cut tees, has enough room in the armholes.  Hollah!!  And last but not least, it's nice to receive something in the mail postmarked from Sweden.  Ya know??

Til next time,


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