Monday, March 1, 2010

The new bohemians.

Bohemian, yes.  Boho, eff to the no.  If it features embroidery, gauze, tie-dye, gigantic sunglasses or even the faintest whiff of California, I'm out.  But if you can manage to project a loose cool despite, I am absolutely in.  Here, a round-up of a few things that make me want to take smoking up again.

First up:  Blankets.  Warm on the bed.  Cool on the streets.  I'm sorry I just made a hot/cold reference.  Such is the cliched world of fashion prose.

Although the execution is a bit severe for my tastes (my how fickle I am!), it definitely makes me hanker for a blanket from Pendleton Woolen Mills all the more.  Why not just use an attractive blanket as a poncho/cape/wrap?  I'm starting to rethink the fashion value of Bed, Bath and Beyond. 


This is just too perfect for words, and makes me abrade myself for being such a slave to actual garments.  This is Highland Biker at its pinnacle of chic.

Next up:  Layering in the louchest of ways.  A sub-category of this one, might just be my fanship of Sandra, writer of 5 Inch and Up. It's a relatively new blog, but she is pretty much a genius with blankets and layers and super beautiful to boot.

Speaking of "boots", my other recent blog find is India Rose Knows, and this girl can layer like a mo' and the fact that she is merely 17 makes me want to start looking into retirement communities.

Thirdly:  Few can attempt to say her name, but nemrešpobjećodnedjelje's outfits have always been completely original but lately they are knocking my wintry, woolly socks off.  Bonus, her great taste permeates her etsy store as well.  Get some.


This "insolent gypsy" ensemble smacks of Nicole Richie, but to my mind-- a bit better, sans iniquity.  I like the glamourously wrapped, unglamourous scarf and gigantic boots.  Legit.

Just woah.  The intersection of severe and organic are too good here.  And the tie-dyed dress tied with what looks to be a piece of cord?  Could it get any better?

The entanglement of scarf and belt are what are doing it for me, here. 

Blankets, tie-dye and sequins, oh my!,



Inés said...

hello,i love your blog

Eyeliah said...

I don't know what you did but posts are now showing up in google reader - yay! and Ramida (nemrešpobjećodnedjelje) is my hero!

LyddieGal said...

I love these looks! I bound to attempt them and end up looking like a homeless person. haha.

Elissa said...

Ines: Thank you for stopping by and saying so!

Eyeliah: I figured out that I was only allowing truncated posts in readers... crisis averted! And oh, good!! You know her name! I was searching everywhere!

LyddieGal: Thanks! And yes, I think I'll probably leave many of these looks to the "experts"... ha!

SANDRA said...

HI! Oh my thanks so much for including my pics in your posts! Im so flattered! :) I will add you too my reading list asap! much love sweetie! xxx sandra @

Elissa said...

Sandra, thanks for stopping by and the link add! Keep up the great work!