Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A short tale about blue hats.

As I was planning out our wedding last year, one of my most burning issues involved what to put on my head.  My fiance had said that in no uncertain terms, face-covering veils were both "gross" and "scary".  I had never been to interested in them, myself, seeing as they held no special or religious meaning for me. And also, hello, I spent like x number of dollars getting my makeup done, people will see it! Although I ultimately went for a tulle headband type of thing, my less demure side ached for a fabulous blue something on top.  

For the Ceremony:  It really kills me how beautiful this thing is.  So much so, that I'd happily have it instead of hair.  It's like a curtain for the proscenium that is your face.  The only reason it hasn't sold in the 5 months or so it's been on my favorites list is most likely because it's $900. 

For the Reception:  Some people would tell you that if you truly want to be the most awesomely appointed bride on Earth that you should probably change into a different outfit for your reception.  Others might agree that they'd like to burn the image of themselves in a wedding gown into their guests brains so that its memory can live on forever.  In such a case, perhaps just a quick hat change would be in order.  This hat, for example, let's guests know that while, yes, you're still in a gown-- it's time to get down.

Getting Away:  I always pictured being sent off onto a honeymoon in a skirt-suit waving good-bye to everyone on the pier as a bottle of champagne was smashed against the side of the ship.  I believe I had this hat on.  In reality, I think we clambered to the airport in sweats with some vestigial toothpaste at the corner of my mouth, my eyes locked on the Starbucks on the other side of security. 

Speaking of which, I could stand to wake up right now-- the dreariness lately makes the day feel like a better-lit extension of night. 





Eyeliah said...

I adore all three! And they suit these scenarios perfectly.

Elissa said...