Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ultimate Disposable Fashion Joke / Rad Craft

Always wanted an Hermes Kelly bag, but spent all your dough on transatlantic flights, Moet and golden gobstoppers?

Grace Kelly and her Kelly bag in Crocodile (

Here's your chance! Hermes is giving them away for free!

And by free, I mean they're offering a free PDF download of a flat Kelly bag that you can assemble yourself for a perfectly 3-dimensional Hermes original!

Functional? We'll see. I'm having my Lambs print one up at work, where the printer can print on anything up to an inch thick. Glamorous photos to come.

And now, the deep thoughts pour in.

Is this a statement about disposable fashion? What's one, two, three Kelly bags to a Manhattan socialite? What's it to me or you? Are they worth more or less when perfect, "branded" versions proliferate the web for free?

image via

I'm reminded of how when I lived in Brooklyn, I noticed that its less well-to-do ladies would carry store bags from Victoria's Secret or Bebe as purses, unable to afford actual purses -- or at least purses with a modicum of status attached to them. Is this a "shout-out" to that practice? Or a "let them eat cake" sort of thing? Sorry, got that crazy Marie Antoinette on the brain.

What do they expect people to do with these?

I'm going to actually construct one, and then maybe get one framed, to archive "This Moment in Kitsch". But to draw on it, or no?

Steppin', steppin'...


Mr. M. said...

Uses for those Victoria's Secret bags, according to my administrative assistant, a bona fide Person From the Hood (BX, baby!):

1) To carry your lunch ("They're durable!")
2) To carry your work shoes
3) Less likely to get snatched than a purse
4) To carry a clutch purse, since a thief might not expect to find valuables in a Victoria's Secret bag
5) "It's an eye-catcher"

Brought to you by Secret Whitey.

Runaway Gallery said...

I know what you mean about those shopping bags. Why do they do that

Elissa said...

Thanks for the eye-opener, Mr. M!
Runaway: I believe Mr. M has written a small paper on the topic, above. He he!!

Miss White said...

I'm going to make a Kelly too, it's printed and sitting on my desk, waiting for the next time I'm exceptionally bored!