Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mmm.... storyboard....

Ah-ha! I've finished, at last, a storyboard for my Marie Antoinette sports-dress collection. Pretty yummy pretty! Gahhh!!! Behold!

Lots of colorful prints, including more off-beat, anachronistic ones like pastel tie-dye silk, anyone? Candy and cake themes will figure large, with pastel colors reigning the day, with hits of silver, gold, and chocolate brown. Sigh!

Also, I've been tagged in the Six Quirks Game! And, like any game, there are rules. The first is post the rules. The second? Link your tagger (Miss White, I'm honored). The third? Spill yer quirks. The fourth, tag 6 other bloggers, and the fifth, leave a comment on their blog to let them know of your deed.

I am adding an additional twist, which is to leave only one quirk per post (a quirk in itself!).

Ohhh.... Mulder.... you're so pained! Let me help you on your noble quest!

Kverk #1) When I was 11 or 12, I wrote a weekly "The X-Files" Fanzine called 11:21. There was trivia, synopses, news, contests (winners customarily won a VHS copy of the episode "Home", because Fox refused to air it again after the initial airing because it was about --- dunh, dunh, dunh! freaky incest people). I had around 350 subscribers, and it would take a full half-hour, if not longer, just to send it in like, 12 batches (AOL 2.0....)

["X-Files" image via Other images Googled like crazy. Please let me know if I have used one and am not authorized to post! Thanks, E]


princessmillatwoshoes said...

I love that you (too) were a little X-Files geek! got any copies of that fanzine left?

Elissa said...

gah! unfortunately, no... that computer is long gone!

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