Friday, May 16, 2008

Rough Draft

Here are the first four of fifteen croquis I've done... the colors and detail don't show very well here, though and the feet have been cut off, but I'm modeling through it!

My favorite pieces are all the little swimsuits I drew, which unfortunately will have to be made into dresses for the final project. I didn't want to hem myself in (ha!) to creating only dresses, and having swimsuits (and a coverup) on hand definitely helped with the flow.

I'm pretty pleased! I will be spending the next week or so redrawing them in less static poses and tweaking here and there.

Sleepy_pie_eyes from Velocouture shows the bikes who is the Pack Leader.

Quirk #5: I have a bicycle phobia which I am slowly overcoming. I have not ridden a bike in many, many years, and am slowly picking it back up. This week was pretty significant, in that I rode to school Wednesday through Friday and it is awesome! Walking, you suck! I actually have 2 bikes now, one is an early 80's sport-type bike with an odometer and the other is my flossy flossay bike with ape-hangers and a velvet-covered banana seat. Pictures to come!


Times of Glory said...

These croquis are seriously pretty, quirky and uniquely flirty in a very chic way! The colour seem really really understand these designs. For me, that's a big yes xxxx

Elissa said...

thank you sister! I appreciate your fine feedback.

Kristin said...

I need that dress... the third one from the left! Tell you what... you make it for me, and I'll wear it to my roommate's wedding. Free publicity!

Elissa said...

Hehehe... thanks, Kristin! Now all I gotta do is brush up on my couturier-ing and your dress is as good as done!

Lydia said...

I really love the picture of the girl with the bow and bike.
I must find me a scarf that can be tied like that :P