Friday, May 2, 2008

Inspiration of the day

I had some swirlings-around in my brain of ideas for some thirties-inspired sportswear to fulfill my fantasy of being a classy, golf/tennis playing broad***.

When, what to my wandering eye should appear, this near point-for-point manifestation of my fantasy golf outfit!

Excitingly, the final project for this quarter's fashion illustration class is to create a 10-dress collection based on a movie. I was assigned "Marie Antoinette", one of my all-time favorite visual bonbons. So, I am going to create a collection of tennis and golf dresses in candy hues, with ruffles, bows and maybe a powdered wig or two. And the (pastel) argyles! Oh, the argyles...

***Other "classy broad" athletic pursuits include ballroom dance, casual cycling, horseback riding, archery (!!!) and synchronized swimming, all of which I have fantasy outfits for in mind. Archery, for example, involves a wrestler-style one-piece with a glittering sweatband and gladiator sandals.


april said...

Thanks for posting me and my little outfit!

Your Marie Antoinette tennis wear sounds magnificent! I'll be sure to check back to see how it turns out! Powdered wigs!!!!

Miss White said...

That sounds amazing! I'll be checking back to see the results!