Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a few fashion-related newsbits I had to share!

Another amazing ring I considered, Steampunkish, yes, but timeless. Hehe!

  • Read about the jacket made of living stem cells that had to be "put to sleep" because it had outgrown its container at the MoMa!
  • For those of you unfamiliar with Steampunk, this article in the NY Times will enlighten you... but the "short story" is it's an aesthetic lifestyle whose stylings are reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight" video. I never expected to read about Steampunk in NY Times... maybe its mainstream notice means it's... gaining "steam"???
  • A girl whose skimpy prom dress ended with her arrest!


Times of Glory said...

I have noticed that you have posted several BEAUTIFUL rings. I love them all. In fact, I cannot get this one out of my head! Great Taste!

Elissa said...

Thanks so much, I truly appreciate an excellent compliment!

princessmillatwoshoes said...

Wow! that jacket is creep-ee!
Thanks for all the entertaining musings. I'm enjoying them all.