Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thrifting Bounty

Like I've said previously, I'm no floral-lover. However, with black tights or otherwise juxtaposed with irony or toughness, they take on a new likeability. This spring and summer, urged on by a long black halter dress I rocked all last summer, I've been seeking out maxi skirts. These will be both skirts and dresses. I'm especially excited to get a black scarf underneath the bust of the tan-colored one and wear it with black tights and heels. The colors are a bit milquetoast-y in this pic; they're way mo' bettah in person.

This loveliness in followed by a fantastic, huge scarf I found with an image of villagers, oxen and eery trees with a foreign (Filipino?) script.

Lastly, a tank top that reflects my teenage obsession with muscle cars: Hot pink with peach binding and reads "GTO: Get Turned On"! Paired with this scarf that the cashier mistakenly put in my bag, I think it'll make a lovely coupling with some higher-waisted shorts.


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