Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Day of Spring Quarter...

... and I feel like I may already be in over my head! I'm most nervous about a couple of drawing classes. One's a croquis-drawing class and the other, an Adobe Illustrator (!) class. Hand-drawing is okay for me, as long as it doesn't involve much perspective and is around the size of a half-dollar. But any bigger and my lines get shaky as balls!

Then I'm serving as a T.A. for a Costumes and Cultures class, about which I'm thrilled. I even get to lecture a bit; the prof gave me the topic of Symbolic Interaction -- when someone's appearance cues you to behave in a certain way (i.e., a nun in a habit causes you to mind your language). So cool. Additionally, I have a volunteer project coming down the pike, wherein I'll be helping to catalog items in the Historic Costume and Textiles collection. In the parlance of Posh, "Mayjah." This will be my most difficult quarter yet, I think, but also the most fun, rewarding, and professionally helpful.

To motivate myself to "go get 'em girl", I've posted this pic from Wardrobe Remix of Kissing Candy. Love the Chucks and lady-like gloves combo, and the shot itself is terrific. Reminds me of "Freaky Friday" (the original) where Jodie Foster, in her mother's body, plays baseball with the boys.

[pic via wardroberemix.com]

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