Sunday, March 23, 2008

I find this really sad.

In this promotional photo for The House of Dereon's children's line, the baby analog of Beyonce is the star of this shoot, the white child is in the foreground, and the black child relegated to a seat in the back. Hmm.

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Anonymous said...

i noticed that too. i dont like it one bit.

Some People Seem So Blind Sided said...

Actually i believe that the picture has a perfect balance..theres the little mixed girl in the middle which is actually the focus of the picture and the little black girl in an area where she can be veiwed very easily and the little white girl n the front barely paying its sad that everyone is trying to place discrimination into every little being a biracial female (black and white) i dont choose sides and to tell you the truth children don't see color unless they are taught to..