Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Return of Future-Fetishism

Some scans from the new Marie Claire Italia have surfaced on Livejournal, depicting a woman in silky jumpsuits romancing what looks to be Asimo. I immediately thought of Sixties advertisements for things like Clairol Moonbabies lipsiticks and Bjork's beautiful video for "All is Full of Love", directed by Chris Cunningham. Which, by the way, is one of the most touching and erotic videos I've seen ever seen, definitely gives testament to the power of a three-minute music video.

I think the Marie Claire shoot could have been a lot sexier... isn't it fashion's de facto job to push boundaries? The above image was the raciest of the bunch. With a little more "realness", like say, making the robot life-size, to up the "squeam" factor that enters when you can't tell if something is alive or not (there's a word for it...), it could be a valuable social commentary... about people falling in love through technological mediums and with eachother's avatars or online personas... hm...

[Bjork photo from, Marie Claire photo from foto_decadent at]

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