Friday, March 7, 2008

The Men.

The fashion fierceness of the female of the species is voraciously documented on the interwebs, but where are all the guys?

Check out these dudes. I love how Guy #1's scarf and rings are popping out against his heavily subdued outfit. I love Guy #2's "Bill Nye Rapping about Clown School" outfit. Guy #3 looks like a more lively Walt Whitman. He knows how to mix it up. Classic, and funky! There aren't enough pictures of older people out there, and that what's I love Sartorialist for. All ages, all sexes, all races. Guy #4 is the most fascinating guy I've seen in awhile. That self-assuredness! That hat/scarf/necklace/cigarette/everything! This is how cool is done, and apparently it's done in France (where the photo was taken). In fact, I think all the photos were snapped in Europe.

And while dressing well seems to be done with more aplomb overseas, for all the fellas out there, Guys #1 and #2 are perfect primers. All they're doing is refusing to take things too seriously, and putting one or two things they really like or think is funny and toning 'em down with a couple of things every guy has in the closet. Alex, you're welcome.

[Guys #1,3 and 4 come via, Guy #2 comes via]

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Mr. M. said...

Yo, Guy Number One is wearing my Dickens hat. I don't know about that bow tie. But oversized cardigan is cool. Can't wait for you to dress me up, take pictures, and immortalize me on your blog!