Monday, June 7, 2010

Shoes, pills, eagles.

Vest:  H&M in Amsterdam.  Dress:  Forever 21.  Bag:  Thrifted.  Shoes:  Nine West.  Cuff:  Cedar Point.

I received a nice compliment today from the Fed Ex guy, who has told me that every day-- when our paths intersect as I go across the street for a coffee-- he notices my shoes.  Any trace of incredulity in my mind was assuaged as he began to rattle off my shoes:  "The gold ones that lace, the ones that have lions on them, the silver sandals with seahorses..." Amazing!  Or weird, depending which Flickr groups you belong to.

It's just the nature of the beast that accessories are cheaper than clothes-- well, my beast.  Yours might be different.  Part of my problem is I don't like to buy inexpensive clothing because it never fits (except at Forever 21... curious...), so I buy clothes almost never.  Therefore, I always find that the most interesting part of my get-up is typically the accessories, but I don't really devote many photos to them-- I think it embarasses me to put my stuff "under the microscope".  Ah well... voila the second of my three pairs of sunglasses.... the still catty, though less markedly so, tortoiseshell pair.

Shades:  80spurple.  Ring:  Target

The ring is clear acrylic (one of my favorite ring-types) filled with what looks like pills.  I love the pukey pink color and the subversiveness of its contents.  Not shown, due to my non-microscopic tendencies, is my cuff which I got at Cedar Point, an amusement park near here, when I was 12.  It's tooled with a U.S. flag and an eagle, and looks pretty bad-ass.  I'm patriotic only in the most spiritual of senses (maybe a topic for later discussion?), but I do love American symbols-- what's to hate about a good star spangling?  Though wearing them is another topic entirely, and one usually met by derision-- seriously.  Gauge how you feel next time you pass someone wearing a shirt with an American flag on it.  But having it on my little cuff is kind of low-key and possibly subversive as well.  And if anyone asks, I have a pet eagle.

Til later,



Sal said...

How fab! And how nice of him to actually TELL you.

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