Thursday, June 3, 2010

Case of the Confounding Dress

Dress:  Banana Republic.  Shoes:  Steve Madden.  Shades:  80s Purple.

I don't know what it is with this dress.  It and I have a confounding relationship.  It was actually picked out for me by my Sweetness, and-- as the compliments that flow from him whenever I wear it would lead me to believe-- it's probably my best look evarrr.  But the thing is like a hologram.  I love the color, and in front of the mirror at home, it's a-ok.  But throughout the day, I'll catch myself in reflections and the frumptastic, overly-boobish, pooch-exemplifying nature of this dress flashes maliciously back at me.  In fact, as I was driving home, I thought-- that's it!  This thing is going straight to Goodwill.  I'll take outfit photos and entitle my blog post RIP Nightmare Dress.  Then I took a couple of photos and thought-- eh, this thing isn't so bad!  Maybe I judged too quickly!  And that is the ordeal I go through every time I wear this dress.

Probably it's because it's out of my normal range of thing-wearing, in that it ties further up than I'm accustomed, highlighting the girls, which typically I try to keep as streamlined as possible.  Also, I kind of hate jersey for its clingy properties, and typically go for wovens.  So maybe, if I put Sal-like logic to the problem, it doesn't matter what I actually look like in it-- its outside of my boundaries in a way that makes me not feel my best when I wear it.  So I toss it out on its ear.

Something that is going right today??

Hot shades!

These Wang-esque cat-eye shades.  The other night, I was paralyzed in front of the computer with 4 pairs of sunglasses in my shopping cart, but with 2 sunglasses worth in my Paypal.  None of the pairs would budge and I resigned myself to the sad thought that I may, in fact, just bite the bullet and buy 4 pairs of sunglasses.  When, lo and behold, an Etsy order came in right at the moment for the exact amount of all 4 and the "buy" button was gleefully clicked-- though not without finally ruling out one pair.  I don't know about you, but it's easier for me to not spend money when I actually have some.  Hmph!  So this is the first of three-- I can't wait to present them all to you in moving photo-essay format...

Til then,



The Waves said...

You look fantastic in the dress, but hey, if it doesn't feel right, then it just, well, doesn't.

The sunnies are super.

Kelly said...

Awesome glasses!!