Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jerry Orbach can wait, I have presents from the thrift store.

I can't say that I "don't do pants", but for someone who lives in Columbus, OH --home to both Abercrombie jeans, Express jeans, and Midwestern people-- it could be said that I don't do pants.

Timex bag:  Target via Grandview Weekend Outlet.  Scarf:  Thrifted.  Jacket:  Macy's.  Tank:  Urban Outfitters.  Pants:  Old Navy.  Shoes:  JC Penney.

Today, I do pants.  The last time I wore black flares was in 2001, when I went on a trip to England and-- for versatility's sake and ease of packing, the only bottoms I bought were a pair of stretchy black flares (shudder) and a pair of UFO pants-- silver.  The rave scene came late to my corner of the universe, and by the time I got to the U.K., I could do some glow-stick poi that could blow your mind-- if anyone there wasn't so past 1995.  I'll have to dig those pictures up, if I can find any where I'm not being obscene.... Americans.

Nowadays, my black flares are crafted of the finest denim Old Navy has to offer in their clearance department, and they are perfect for days when I wake up, look at the alarm clock, and say-- how can I be washed and decently non-naked in the next 6 minutes? Time crunches, my friends.

I really have to remember not to eat seafood anymore.  The last several times I have, I've become violently ill, and yet it's siren song lures me to its lurid pleasures every time I dry back out.  Last night, after I performed (once again), I sought late-night refuge in some leftover soup from the Thai place... leftover seafood soup.  The first half of today was wobbly to say the least. 

As soon as I arrived home, I jumped in the chair and flipped on Law & Order.  My sweetness pulled into the driveway and said, "Jerry Orbach can wait.  I have surprises from the thrift store."  Behold:

A needlepoint JFK  in a scrolly frame... I can definitely picture my mom having this on her wall as a teenager!  Although needlecraft is not necessarily the domain of those between the ages of 11 and 80... Who do you think had this on their wall?

The sweetest bag of all time!!!  I'm only mildly into astrology as a practice, but as a decorative motif, I am bananas.  If it's zodiac-related, I'm hooked.  Couple that with the "Love is..." style art, collage-y look, unconventional wording and the fact that my own little sign is right on top, I am smitten...

Here's a wider shot of the bag... we've got Cancer, Virgo and Aries here... oh my sweetness and his fancy taste!!

Til next time,




Sal said...

Well, you know I'm WILDLY jealous of that bag! What a find!

LyddieGal said...

What a fantastically odd bag -- love it!

Chic on the Cheap

Eyeliah said...

Okay I could so be down with that needlepoint! And that bag is for me (a goat), very cool.