Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sexy Old Car Magnets.

I'm managing to keep much busier than I anticipated... our move is next week, there's still ton of wedding stuff that needs taken care of and today was an interview day. Here's the outfit that carried me through it all.

Blazer: thrifted. Flannel: Forever 21. Leggings: Newport News. Boots: Jeffrey Campbell.

As you can tell from my pose, I smacked that interview DOWN. I go back for another this Friday.

I also banged out the rest of my art project. After growing weary of the "cigarette" concept, I felt stymied. What could I make in less than a week that would be the greatest art thing ever vended from a cigarette machine, ever!?!? After rejecting this failure-inducing aspiration, I settled on just doing something I liked. No pithy message, no ground-breaking composition, no minds blown. Instead, I decided to use a series of photos I'd taken at a classic car show. For those who don't know, I love classic cars... and I decided that that makes them good enough to stick in a box and share with somebody else.

I gave my ten favorite images the Photoshop treatment, then printed them out all tiny-small and put them in a plastic, magnetic frame. The organizers provided box templates. I put my business card on the front, and a message on the back (the official name of this series is "Sexy Old Car Magnets").

Then I cut them out and folded them into boxy realization. The Sexy Old Car Magnets were wrapped in hot pink or gold tissue paper and stuffed inside, awaiting their new life as fridge-borne captors of grocery receipts or children's artwork.

And here, the finished result, all boxed up and ready to be put inside a cigarette vending machine. Stella, the odd-eyed cat, was loving the smell of the ModPodge I used to hold the boxes together.

Although I didn't go with the original concept, I did want to thank all of my Twitter followers for offering me their blurbs. A drawing was had, and the Twitterite known as 10bagspacking gets the $20 prize. Thanks for being such a big help!




Sal said...

Those look FAB. FABFABFABFABFAB. And I'm jealous of their future fridge homes.

Eyeliah said...

very cool, I have been snapping any vintage and sexy cars thatI've been seein on the street since I got my new camera. :)

The Waves said...

Cool, indeed. Love the magnets, love your outfit. Cool is the only word I can think of. :)

Elissa said...

Sal+The Waves: Thanks so much! It means a lot that ladies with discerning tastes take a shine to my magnets.

Eyeliah: Oh wow, it's hard to find other girls into cars!! This could be fun...!