Thursday, September 3, 2009

Helmet Lang.

Today I broke down and finally bought a bike helmet. Long-fearing drawing comparison to Calvin's dad, I simply told myself that my fixed-gear cuz-it's-actually-broken mountain bike couldn't go fast enough to warrant wearing one.

Shirt: Gap, same as here. Shorts: Cut-off Levis. Shoes: thrifted. Jewelry: All thrifted. There's also a belt that you can't see but has a black, white and red Nordic woven pattern on it. Lurvely.

But a few weeks ago, my future pa-in-law got in a serious accident that would've been ten times so had he not been wearing a helmet. Lesson learned. Also, eventually, I'd like to be going faster. I got a road bike off Craigslist that has yet to be debuted, all because of my reluctance to helmetize.

I went to the bike shop today after much procrastination at the antique store next door browsing the rings. Like carbo-loading before a marathon, I took in as much camphor glass/baguette rhinestone/ cabachon delight as I could before I had to perjure my head with a frickin' helmet. But, it is as cool as could possibly be expected... it kinda looks like Speed Racer's. But I'm not taking any pictures of it quite yet.

I love this little part of the park across my street. The Umbrella Girl always looks so disconnected.

Speaking of photographs, I've lately been extra-endeavoring to improve upon mine. I really badly want to take the next step up in cameras and finally get a DSLR. I mentioned this to someone who has read this blog, and they said, "Yeah, but why spend the money? You're not really a photographer."

Well, right-- I don't earn a living taking photos. I don't see myself buying a light umbrella any time soon. And I definitely am not some kind of diamond-in-the-rough photo genius. But I certainly do take more photos per day than the average person (even that person), and I enjoy it! Getting better equipment is the next step to getting better at something I enjoy.

Not trying because you'll never be the best is just a way to rob yourself of joy. You don't have to be the best at something-- or even great at something to make pursuing it worthwhile. But you can always get better, and improving is something you can always feel good about. Unless you're getting better at robbing old ladies, or upper-decking your best friend's toilet.

Speaking of upper-decking, do you smell that? Yes! The sweet-stench of a winner is in our midst!

Will Entrant #11, aka "Damsels" please step up? You're the lucky winner of the Dr. Perricone Acai Berry Supplement drawing! Congratulations! Just email your mailing address to and I'll get you all set up!

Thanks to all who entered-- your suggestions were fantastic!




Sal said...

Holy CRAP, I'm glad you finally broke down and bought a helmet. I fell off my bike a few months ago, hit my head on the sidewalk, and - thanks to my helmet - it bounced like a basketball and I lived to tell the tale. Ugly, but necessary.

Also WTF?!? Anyone who enjoys photography has a right to save up for and procure good equipment!

Spandexpony said...

Sal: I know, I know.... pride goeth before a fall, and I have been fall-free for quite some time now... you never know when your number will be called! Speaking of which-- how scary was that fall for you???? Yikes!!!! Also, thanks for your photographic encouragement.

Damsels said...

YAY :) thanks again!

Spandexpony said...

You're welcome!! Thanks for reading!