Friday, September 18, 2009


Let's have a little Peter Som chaser, shall we? I'm loving his newest pattern-mixing, hair-scarfing, complex-colorwaying collection.

I love the big, structured bows on the fronts of skirts and dresses. And, even as a hot-pants eschewer, I love the way he styled them with boxy jackets and loads of necklaces.

I can never resist anything ballet-inspired, and judging by the sweet, puffy skirts that could almost be shorts, I get the feeling that culottes may come around the bend in the next couple of seasons...

I love the mixing of the muted, lighter shades in the top and skirt with the flashes of bright cobalt blue.

Now this is how round-framed sunglasses should be done. Very "check out my flying machine".

The most perfect shade of teal! I love all of these heavy 1960's-style brocades and jacquards and what-nots.

Thanks, everybody for your comments on my last post. I'm lucky to have so very many kind-hearted readers.



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Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, I'm definitely digging each piece and then the mix.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I heart that ballet inspired dress.

The Waves said...

I haven't been following NY fashion week too intensely, mostly because there is always too much "meh" and not enough "whoa" in NY. This collection is really beautiful though - great individual pieces and fantastic styling!

Elissa said...

Rebecca: I love that it's all so wearable, too!

The Waves: I totally agree. I love the Japanese fashion shows the best.